15th Birthday Cards

Make their 15th birthday celebration fun & exciting with a personalised confetti card from Boomf! Create a card yourself, uploading your own images and art, or pick from one of our cute ready-made designs. Choose your format: an exploding confetti 3D cube card, a cannon card, a 3D character card that jumps out with a burst of confetti... Can't go wrong: every card is a keepsake.
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Sentiments and messages for every birthday! Whether it's a simple "Happy Birthday" or something more heartfelt, boomf has the perfect card for you. With huge variations in prices and designs, we have everything from dinosaurs to unicorns on our cards. We even have cards for those who love to do things unofficially like drinking and smoking (or scuba diving). So whether you're planning ahead or just want to send a quick sorry-not-sorry, we have the perfect card for you!