10th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Looking for 10th wedding anniversary cards? Boomf has just what you need! With our huge range of designs, easy-to-use personalisation tool, and confetti upgrades, you’ll be able to get a truly special 10 year anniversary card.
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What do you write in a 10th anniversary card?

There is no single recipe for a good 10th anniversary card (though we can help you out with a few ingredients). First, it is a good idea to establish a tone. Are you looking to write your parents a funny ten-year anniversary card? Or are you looking to write your partner a sentimental, reflective tenth anniversary card? Either way, Boomf offers you the chance to personalize your message with text and image features. This helps to create a card that is as special and one-of-a-kind as the relationship you are celebrating!

Here are a few more ideas to help you say ‘happy 10th anniversary’:

  • Write a poem
  • Affirm your love
  • Include an inside joke
  • Reminisce on an important moment in the relationship
  • Insert a quote
  • Look forward to the future

How can you wish a happy 10th anniversary with a card from Boomf?

As well as our personalization tools that allow you to add text and images, Boomf provides a number of extra-special products to help you take your celebration to the next level. One of these products is our Bomb cards. A customer favourite, our Bomb cards are custom-made photo cube cards that shower their recipient in confetti! Another of these extra-special products is our Flutter cards: greeting cards that are expertly packaged with a magical flying butterfly, taking the TikTok and Instagram worlds by storm! You can find the full selection of cards we offer in our ‘All Cards’ section of the website.

Our full scope of 10 year anniversary cards, as well as our online personalization tools and Boomf-exclusive products, are here to make your anniversary celebrations as memorable and special as possible. With Boomf, send more than a card.