Boo Everyone with These Halloween Boo Messages

Boo Everyone with These Halloween Boo Messages

Let this Halloween be filled with boo Halloween messages for you, your friends, and your neighbors. For Halloween, the goal is to boo as many people as possible and to be the first person to. Boo is the sound you make when you want to give a person a scare. Booing people for Halloween means leaving anonymous baskets of treats or tricks in front of their houses at night. Halloween boo packages come with Halloween boo cards with subtle messages that you have to give someone else a scare within two days. Someone that hasn't been “booed.”

If you want to drop a spooky Halloween hamper treat for your family and friends, what you need is a great Boomf card to put in the basket to give them a scare. Our cards come blank on the inside, the perfect feature to leave you the chance to come up with a good boo message to write inside. If you think you'll have problems thinking up the right boo poem for your victim's doorstep, let us help you with that. Below, we have some creative and funny Halloween boo card messages you will want to try this Halloween.

Halloween Boo Message for your Neighbors

Neighbors and people that live close by are easy targets for our Halloween tricks. This is a conspiracy to give them a scare or a cheer when they open up their package and find this card. Here are things your boo Halloween card can say.

  • This is a Halloween present from me to you. 

It's your first this Halloween. Enjoy your boo.

  • From house to house, 

Screams and shouts,

Join the fun,

Now is your turn

To boo someone.

  • Here's a Halloween package that says boo

The good thing is you'll never know from who.

Halloween Boo Messages for Parents

The thing about parents is that they always dominate the scares, for April fool's and for Halloween tricks, year after year. Now that you have moved out, and even if you haven't, here's a chance to get them back for the surprises. It adds more fun to it to prank your parents when you still live with them.

  • Here's a boo carton, who's it from?

No one knows, probably ghosts.

  • You've been boo-ed. By who? Can you guess?

It's probably someone who calls you the best.

  • Boo! Did you know getting boo-ed is good luck?

Now arrange a package for someone, you rock!

Halloween Boo Message for Partners

Do you want to congratulate your soulmate and send a boo Halloween love card? We've picked up the wittiest messages for you. This could be really fun especially if you are not living with each other. 

For Her

  • Halloween decorations remind me of who?

Weird ghosts, creepy spiders, and smiley pumpkins like you.

  • One day you'll walk down the aisle and we'll say “I do.”

Well, until then, here's a frightening boo.

For Him

  • One thing I know, I love you my boo.

Now what's that thing that ghosts say, I don't know, do you?

  • Hey love, your doorstep was lonely.

So I dropped something for my one and only.

Halloween Boo Messages for Siblings

This is where it gets fun. Writing anonymous pumpkin Halloween cards to people you grew up with, knowing very well what ticks them and what would make them laugh. 

From Brothers

  • Didn't package any sweets or treats.

Because mama said if it's from strangers, don't eat.

  • Now and forever, one thing I will boast:

I boo-ed your first, I'll say till we're ghosts.

From Sisters

  • Would have left a goury casket.

But you're lucky you get a fruity basket.

  • For once, I'd like to hear you scream. But I might need to settle for when you do in my dream.

Halloween Boo Message to Friends

Best pals understand one another. You have probably packaged one of the most meaningful packages they will receive this Halloween Day. Now it is time to compose a greeting to go along with it.

  • On this scary night.

A sweet cheer will be right.

  • It will be the deed of some evil witches.

If I didn't give something to my bitches.

This Halloween is going to be big with these creative boo poems waiting in a basket full of cheers or scares. One thing is for sure, if you buy Boomf Halloween cards, your boo-messages this Halloween, everyone will adore.