Best Eid Mubarak Quotes

Best Eid Mubarak Quotes

A few sweet or thoughtful Eid quotes can add joy and smiles to this day. The people you love would be glad to hear heartfelt words from you or to receive them in a greeting card. If you have trouble creating so many messages for everyone on your own, don’t worry! We’ve prepared a lot of examples to inspire you.

Examples of Eid Quotes in Different Tones

The style and tone of your wishes can differ from one person to another. Your friends will be thrilled to see a joke in their Eid greeting cards. Your parents or a spouse may appreciate more touching quotes that reflect your attitude and support. You decide!

Funny Quotes for Those Who Like It

However, there is nothing wrong with making someone smile with Eid Mubarak quotes. Choose a funny quote for Eid card from the options we’ve prepared to make a really memorable wish.

  • On Eid, we usually ask Allah to give us what we lack… I won’t be surprised to know you asked Him to bless you with the skill of making wiser decisions in life. Joking! Eid Mubarak!
  • Every Eid, I want to spend it with funny and pleasant people. Instead, I spend it with you! Eid Mubarak to someone who understands my jokes!
  • I asked Allah to turn ALL of your dreams into reality… So, we are going to see if you had any odd desires soon! No worries, I also asked Him to keep your secrets hidden :) 
  • I was thinking about the most incredible gift for you for so long that there was no time to actually find and buy it… Joking, your gift is here too!

Cute Messages to Show You Care

The Eid celebration may help gather many people around, but your closest ones require the most attention and care. Show them your recognition with these cute Eid quotes and personalised gifts.

  • We have so much joy and excitement today, but I wish your happy times to not be limited to it. May prosperity and delight guide and follow you all way long!
  • I wish the glory of this marvellous Eid light your way. Joy and confidence in the future are just a few of the many things I would like to wish you.
  • May your life become more fulfilling and may it bless you with everything you ever wanted. I hope all your big and tiny dreams come true. All the best!
  • I wish you to have numerous opportunities that will lead you to a whole world of new achievements!

Beautiful Wishes that Won’t Leave Them Indifferent

Can you name someone who is a fan of long or thoughtful wishes? On Eid, positive quotes are more welcome than ever because they help share the joy of the happy holiday. Here are a few examples.

  • On this splendid occasion, I’d like to wish you lots of joyful moments in the years to come. I am grateful for your kindness and hospitality, have a good day!
  • May you have an open heart to see the lucky chances prepared for you. May you use them wisely. Pursue the prosperous life you deserve!
  • I wish you to see your silent prayers be heard and answered. May you get whatever you need and feel adored and respected wherever you are. Happy holidays!
  • I wish you positive emotions, amazing events, and faithful friends. May you never lose the ability to be elated in response to the blessings of Allah!

Eid Quotes by Recipient

For some, it is simpler to choose a greeting quote based on the person they want to congratulate. Below, we’ve compiled some ideas to help you out.

For Your Friends

From all the possible greetings, Eid card messages written for friends make up the warmest and most adorable collection. These people are always there for you, and now you have a chance to show your gratitude for that.

  • I wish you notice miracles in everyday life, may your heart be filled with gratitude. Have an awesome day as well as a great celebration!
  • May you always see the best path, may luck and success accompany you on this journey. Have a good holiday!
  • Eid is about sharing, and I’d like to share my admiration and thankfulness. May Allah support you in each important step you make.
  • I wish you all patience in waiting for new wonderful things and chances. You deserve all the best!

For Your Family

When Eid is coming, quotes for the family may take more time to be prepared. We bet you want your wishes to contain all the love you have for them, and it may seem impossible to translate it into words. So, take our examples, modify them as you wish to make them more personalised, and the perfect card wish is ready!

  • I wish you a bright and prosperous future. My family means a lot to me, and I am glad to know you are by my side whenever I need it.
  • I feel your care every day, and it gives me the strength to overcome any obstacles and achieve the heights I couldn’t even dream of. May Allah bless you all the days ahead!
  • Your health and well-being are always in my prayers. My heart is shining and sparkling because I know I have you all!
  • May Allah bless you for all the sincere prayers, care, and good deeds. You are the best family I could wish to have!

For Your Loved One

Of course, you don’t need any special occasion to tell your spouse about your love. Still, it is a good idea to take every chance to show your appreciation, and Eid is no exception. Explore a few options listed below and feel free to add some words from yourself!

Eid Quotes for Him

  • I thank Allah every day for guiding me to meet with you. May you feel my love and respect, I wish you all the best!
  • I hope all the good things existing in this world will happen to you! You are the one I want to spend this Eid with, I am so happy to have you in my life!
  • May Allah bring glory and joy to your life. I wish our relationship to become even closer and happier every day!

Eid Quotes for Her

  • Every day feels like Eid to me! I am so happy to see you and share so many fantastic moments. I wish you only positive events in life!
  • You are the most gentle, kind, and beautiful woman I know, I don’t even want to imagine my life without you!
  • I am grateful to Allah for bringing you into my life. You mean the whole world to me!

Make Your Wish Even Better…

…By writing it in a lovely Eid card. Choose one from a variety of options from our huge collection. Also, you can use our online personalisation tool to create your own card with a photo of your choosing. Add confetti or a 3D paper toy to ensure an amazing greeting. And as a final touch, choose the most suitable words from the above-mentioned Eid quotes and explore the Eid gift ideas to make the celebration unforgettable.