50 Short Birthday Quotes from the Heart

50 Short Birthday Quotes from the Heart

The speed of the world increases exponentially, so occasionally we only have time for short birthday card quotes. Ironically, the shorter the note is, the more energy it takes to write it to a high quality. To help you save valuable time and prevent writer’s block, we’ve prepared 50 brief messages. Be it written in calligraphy in the card or a few words you say when you give the present, these crisp quotes will save the day.

For a Friend

You can easily say why your friend is special — but happy birthday short quotes should reflect their unique personality traits accordingly. With our short phrases below, you can cheer your friend up, motivate them, or simply express your affection. The next, more impressive, step is to create a custom friend's birthday card with a photo and an inside joke. Add confetti for a top-notch effect!

  • My most exciting adventure started when I met you. I thank life for giving me not just a friend but a soulmate like you.
  • I hope each day gives you a reason to celebrate.
  • In this era of messenger and texting, I’m happy to have an old-school friend who always picks up the phone when I call. Thank you and happy birthday!
  • Even on this planet of billions of people, you are definitely one of a kind!
  • Sometimes I’m jealous of myself because I have such a spectacular best friend!
  • I’m thankful for all the memories we share and hope there are even more adventures awaiting us.
  • Once I got the biggest gift — your friendship. Today, I’ll repay it with a hundred hugs.
  • I know today is remarkable for you… but thank you for making each one of my days remarkable!
  • I hope your day, year, and whole life are as special and bright as you are!
  • May your life be joyful, sparkling, and exciting, just like your birthday. Let’s celebrate!

For a Partner

Looking for the perfect present may take a lot of time, so we wait until the last minute to sign the card. No need to worry: even a short sentence can express exactly what you need to say. Choose the most fitting one and expand it with gratitude for your partner’s traits, for a memorable greeting.

  • You are the reason for my happiness and joy, and I wish the same to you!
  • May your birthday cake be sweet and the candles to be hot — just like you!
  • If wishes were flowers, I’d give you a whole garden. You deserve the best!
  • You light up my days better than any sunshine. I’m lucky to call you mine!
  • You are the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. May your day be full of blessings.
  • I only understood the concept of happiness when I met you. Thank you and congratulations!
  • I appreciate every minute we share and look forward to billions more of them.
  • You turned my life upside down, but that is what I’m grateful for!
  • I know the perfect person exists, because I am giving them this card!
  • We might have a birthday once a year, but we only meet people like you once in a lifetime. Warmest wishes to you!

For Mom

Mother’s birthday is a great chance to show her your appreciation. Of course, you’ll need to write an extensive and heart-warming greeting in the birthday card, so she can read it again later and feel truly special. In addition, you can say something lovely in person — this is where our short happy birthday quotes come to your aid.

  • I find lottery tickets unnecessary because I’ve already won a fortune — I have you as my mom!
  • I’m grateful that we share the same genes when I see you looking younger with every passing year.
  • Your confidence, kindness, and courage motivate me every day. Sending love!
  • I’m grateful for all your valuable advice and that you always back me up when no one else does.
  • They say that birthdays are special days but I’m always here to make each of your days exceptional.
  • May the only effort you make today be to blow out the candles on your cake. Treat yourself!
  • Thanks to you, I know what true unconditional love is. Sending warmth and kisses!
  • Sending you wishes as warm as your hugs, as charming as your smile, and as kind as your heart.
  • Happy birthday to the woman who gave me life and who is still guiding me on my journey.
  • With time, I stopped taking your care for granted, and now I appreciate it a lot.

For Dad

Fathers are an important figure, so spare a minute to find a nice birthday card quote for him. Maybe he’s got used to the witty messages, so we’ve gathered some thoughtful ones to mix it up a little. Who knows, he might be in the mood for some philosophy this time!

  • If there was a “Best Dad” award, it would be yours. Happy birthday!
  • You always told me to grab opportunities and set my fears aside, and that’s what made me who I am. Best wishes!
  • You were my role model in everything growing up and I hope to be the same kind of father for my children.
  • I wish you all the comfort and joy in life as a reward for being a brilliant father.
  • People tell me that life is hard, but I can’t agree. My life is easier than theirs because I have such a great dad to back me up.
  • May each day bring you a reason to smile, you deserve the joy more than anyone else!
  • The thing that helps me get through the dark times is remembering whose child I am. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for fighting the monsters under my bed and saving me from the monsters of my mistakes when I grew up.
  • Today, I’m smart, responsible, and successful — this could not have happened without such a great teacher!
  • Whenever I had a dream, you helped me to transform it into a goal. Whenever I had to choose which road to take, you were my compass. Have an amazing birthday!

Short Inspirational Quotes

These phrases can be adapted to almost any situation or person to enhance self-confidence and show your care. If you are looking for a short inspirational quote, some of these might be perfect for the job!

  • May your birthday be a start of a new life full of endless possibilities.
  • Measure your life in smiles and friends — this is the best way to understand how rich you are.
  • I admire your passion for life. Dream big because you can achieve it all!
  • A new year of life is an opportunity, happy birthday!
  • No hills on the road to your dreams should scare you — I hope you always stay as determined as you are now!
  • You have the inner strength to achieve anything you want, and you deserve all these great things!
  • Wish you the courage to set goals and the wisdom to work towards the most realistic ones.
  • You are my example and my motivation. I wish you all the inspiration you give to others.
  • With the years, some people lose their ability to be kind and grateful, but you only become moreso. All the best!
  • The best way to forget about failures is to create new successes. I can’t wait to see you reach new heights this year. Happy birthday!

Summing Up

Sometimes we need to come up with a greeting quickly, but, as they say, the best improvisation is the one prepared beforehand. This is where short quotes for birthday wishes are handy. The options we’ve listed above can be used as they are or can inspire you to create your own, unique greeting!