11 Father's Day Cards Ideas for Everyone

11 Father's Day Cards Ideas for Everyone

Hundreds of words of gratitude to your father can be transformed into something small yet beautiful. What do you think it is? A card, of course! Be it a Father’s Day card bought in a shop and completed with a warm wish or a handmade card, it will make his day brighter. In this post, you’ll find diverse Father's Day card ideas, including tips for DIY cards, cards with and without drawings, ideas for children, and more!

Best Father's Day Cards Ideas

Before getting right to the ideas for Father's Day cards, let’s have a quick look at some tips for how to choose the most suitable one. Here are a few questions to answer before going to the store or surfing the web searching for it.

  • Would you like it to be plain or foldable?
  • Would you like to buy a ready-made card or make it?
  • Should it be fun or heartfelt?
  • Would you like to draw it or make a collage?

If you want to proceed with ready-made cards with hilarious puns or sweet pictures, check out our collection of funny cards for Father’s Day! And if you are ready to make some art, below are a few amazing homemade Father’s Day card ideas.

Ideas for Homemade Father’s Day Cards

The variety of hand-made Father’s Day card ideas is limited by your imagination only. However, to fuel your creativity at the start, we’ve prepared a list of card types that may help you choose the direction faster.

  • Watercolour drawing
  • Calligraphy
  • Cards in the comics style
  • Pop-up cards with 3D elements
  • Collages and stamps.

The best thing is, there are awesome Father’s Day card ideas for those who don’t know how to draw or haven’t made any DIY cards since childhood. No worries, you’ll find a bunch of tips below.

Cool Card Ideas for Father's Day

Once you just decide to make a Father's Day card for your grandad or other father figure, ideas are easy to come up with or find online. The more you’ll get involved in the process, the more your creative juices will flow. Check these options for starters.

  1. Draw a card using pencils, liners, watercolour paints, or mix them all. You can choose a specific topic, a character, an item associated with his hobby, or just draw some patterns or a nice expressionist piece. Remember to add a message inside to make it the complete package.
  2. Try hand-lettering for a short but sweet greeting. Your greeting can impress your father even more if you write it in calligraphy. Check for some old or modern fonts your father will like and choose a suitable wish. It can be a short phrase if you want to draw bigger letters and make them more detailed. However, for standard-size calligraphy, you can choose a more expanded message.
  3. Make a card with windows. It can be a house with cut-out windows, a card with a heart contour, or any other shape. In the background, you can draw a colourful galaxy, fireworks, etc.
  4. Add 3D elements. There are plenty of video tutorials showing how to make 3D elements in the cards. Some of them are pretty simple to make but still look gorgeous and will surprise your father and guests. These can be balloons, a cake, hearts, trees, and even small towns. Just think of an art installation your father will like, and we bet there is an instruction on how to make it!
  5. Make the inside brighter than the card itself. If you don’t think 3D models are a good choice, just go for a plain white card and make it colourful inside. These can be drawings, glitter, images from magazines, and other elements. It will be a great surprise to unfold such a card!
  6. Make a collage of photos or magazine images. This might be one of the simplest Father’s Day card ideas because everything you need for it is a card and one or a few glossy magazines. Cut out cars, interior elements, celebrities, and anything else you find suitable. Glue it outside or inside the card creating a complete picture, and wait for applause!
  7. Make a “fill-in-the-blank” card. Make it look like an application form where you can fill out the recipient’s name, the occasion, some sweet descriptions of your father’s personality traits, and your wishes. Remember to add a fun or nice photo!

Easy Father's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Some cute Father’s Day cards ideas are the ones you can do with your child. These are several tips that will kill two birds with one stone: you will have a great bonding experience when making a card, and the father will definitely love to receive such a handmade card.

  1. Make a drawing with hand- or footprints. You can use such prints as individual elements of your card or create some other drawings from them, be it animals, cars, flowers, etc. Try different colours and ideas, glue extra elements like buttons or foil, and most importantly, have fun!
  2. Make a collage using the previous tip. If you were too excited about making colourful palm prints and footprints and now have dozens of them, here is another option. Choose the best ones, cut them out, and make a collage or an applique.
  3. Do an applique. It can be a card with a tie or a bow tie, a card looking like a shirt and a jacket, a jeans pocket that contains small papers with wishes or confetti, and many more. Use a nice pattern for a background, make several layers, or add stamps — there are no wrong Father’s Day card ideas if you make a card by yourself.
  4. Cards that look like sets of elements. This one can take some time to create but you will definitely have fun, and the effect will be positive for sure because of all those efforts. It can be a birdhouse with birds having wishes written on them, a set of vinyl records, a toolbox, etc.

Father's Day Cards: Ideas to Make It Outstanding

When it comes to good Father’s Day card ideas, homemade cards usually win the competition. They can impress even the pickiest people and make them smile. To raise your chances of making an outstanding card, use these simple tips:

  1. Start with a quick research. Focus on making the card of the style your father likes. Be it a dad joke, a sweet wish, a drawing of his favourite scenery, or anything else, try to determine what will please him most.
  2. Use different techniques. Above, we’ve mentioned several ways of making a lovely card. What can make it stand out is using several techniques at once.
  3. Put it in an envelope. The reason may seem unclear, but in fact, this tip will add a surprise element. Moreover, an envelope gives you even more room for creativity as you can decorate it too.
  4. Write a personalised message. Look for some templates of Father’s Day wishes on our website. You can use them as they are or just get inspired and write your own one. The best message is the one that reflects your father’s personality and dreams, so devote enough time to it. 

DIY Father’s Day Cards: Ideas to Make With Boomf

Maybe you don’t have enough time to use the above-mentioned Father’s Day card ideas and create something from scratch. Maybe you are lost in the variety of handmade Father’s Day card ideas or don’t have enough time. Or, DIY cards can simply not be something you like doing. In this case, Boomf comes to the rescue with an amazing offer. On our website, you can make personalised cards in just a few minutes or choose one from our collection of Father's Day dog cards. Here are the three options you can try.

Photo Cards

What can be more personalised than your own photos? At Boomf, you can place a custom photo on the front of the card and add a wish in a beautiful font inside. Choose a photo of you and dad together, his own photo you like most, or a family photo if you are preparing the main present together.

Confetti Cards

Fireworks can be fun and always safe to use if they are made of paper: this is what our confetti cards are all about. The recipient just pulls it carefully, and the card “explodes” with bright confetti.

3D Cubes

For the best Father's Day card, creative ideas are not limited to foldable cards and collages. You can make a 3D cube, a Boomf bomb, with several photos. First, it looks like just a carton envelope, but with just one move you get a photo cube, a 3D figurine of an animal or another character, and confetti! Note that you can use not only photos but also messages, or choose a ready-made cube with images in the catalogue.

Summing Up

Your father is a special person in your life, and so should be his card for Father's Day. Now, you know how to make a card completely by yourself and have a shortcut to an amazing card that is possible with Boomf services. Explore our collection of designs with Father's Day card ideas, look for suitable messages to write inside, and add bright confetti, and this celebration will be remembered. If you are looking for some gift ideas as well, check out our selection of gift boxes!