toob + Boomf = A tasty combination!

Marketing marshmallows - toob

Meet toob -  the UK’s fastest and tastiest broadband provider.

We had the pleasure of working with toob on a campaign aimed at university students (located in Southampton) moving into their new houses. toob’s aims were simple - to delight and convert potential customers, whilst being unique and memorable.

So, how did toob achieve these goals? They contacted us at boomf to create bespoke marshmallows. After all, who doesn’t love free food? 

marketing personalised marshmallows


Both the packaging and marshmallows were customised with toob’s distinct branding. As well as being utterly delectable, these marshmallows contained lots of important information about the brilliant service toob provides, as well as pricing and contact information. 

With the bespoke marshmallows in hand, toob’s sales team knocked on the doors of student houses. If there was no answer, the marshmallows were placed through the door as an incentive to join their full-fibre broadband network. 

Although the campaign is still ongoing - we are pleased to announce that so far, it has been deliciously successful.

Here’s what Fi, toob’s representative, thinks of working with Boomf: “the whole team at Boomf has been incredibly friendly, responsive and accommodating to our requirements for this campaign! The quality of the overall product is also fantastic”.

If this campaign has sparked your interest, contact and get ready to stand out from the crowd.

Brilliant marketing ideas - boomf + toob