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Tree Dressing Day! 

It's December the 1st, the day has finally come! We can dress our tree without being nagged by the scrooges in our life that it is too early! We've got some top tips on how to make your tree extra special this year šŸŽ„


After setting up the tree (this is definitely the most stressful part - so feel free to take a breather for some sherry or eggnog!), it's time to get the decs out! 

We prefer bright and cold colours (obviously) in the Boomf office, but choose the colour scheme that you like best and will make you happy thorugh the festive season.



Now for the show stopper! Will it be a star or an angel? We usually go for the angel of course, and balance our beautiful Wild Card at the top of the tree (see above for precariously placed angel!).

This year a delightful customer has made the bomb the star of her show! How cool is that?



If you choose Boomf to make the festive season even more special, make sure to show us your glorious pictures and videos by emailing or tagging us on instagram!