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The best thing to say with Boomf?


Our wonderful customers are always super invented with what they use our Boomf gifts for! 

But recently one of our customers did something VERY special!

1 man, 1 woman, 1 important question and 9 personalised marshmallows. A unique and memorable way to ask the question, along with a breathtaking view, here’s how Carl Delaney did just that. 

I opened up my bag and handed Nicola a box shaped parcel. A little confused and intrigued, she opened the box to read ‘Nicola Baird, you are my life. Will you be my wife?’. Tears flowed and she said ‘Yes, of course’! The Boomf surprise really made this proposal special.

We love stories like this. If you use your Boomf in a lovely way we’d love to hear about it, so get in touch with us at