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Say Thank you with Boomf! 

Christmas is over and 2020 has well and truly begun! But don't forget to thank those that made the festive season special for you 🌟🎉👯‍♀️🥳🎁


The lovely gifts, the endless amounts of cheese and wine - it all feels like a distant memory now. That doesn't mean you can forget about the ones who made Christmas 2019 a magical time of the year. There's a couple of days before the dreaded first day of work of the year so why not spend the time sending special thanks to those that hosted, gave gifts and made you feel special this festive season!


Our Boomf Bomb is the perfect Thank You card and will really make them feel the love ❤️ Personalise the cube with pictures of you and your gifts and write a beautfiul thank you message on the top of the exploding cube! To top it off, pick a confetti blend that you know they will love! When they open it they will really feel the Thanks, and maybe they'll even invite you back for Christmas next year 😉


If they've got a sweet tooth, a box of our personalised marshmallows will go down a treat! Personalised the mallows with your photos from the holiday period or use our beautiful 'Thank you' themed designs! It's a Thank You message that they will never forget. 


You know it will make Grandma's day when she opens up a perosnalised message from her favourite grandchild (even if she did get you the same socks five years in a row 👵)!