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It's going to be a Wild Winter!

We all know kids love Christmas, but how do you make it even more special this year? 

Go the extra mile and make them smile with a Wild Card! These cute-as-can be characters add some Boomf magic. They pop out from the envelope in an explosion of confetti (because it wouldn't be a Boomf without confetti 😉)! They'll take the kids by surprised and will keep them occupied for hours as they can be reloaded! 

Every character comes with a FREE personalised photo card! Simple upload your photo onto the card, select which pop-up character you would like to surprise them with on the big day. Our Christmas range is spectacular and you can choose from one of our 6 cute-as-can be characters! They are sure to light up all of the kids faces (kids big and small 😉)! The gorgeous angel is the perfect companion for any tree! 

If you think these pop-up cuties are good enough for all year round, we also have a set of fanatstic creatures that are perfect for everyday! 

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