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Nick Jenkins becomes Boomf's chairman

Nick Jenkins, the founder of Moonpig, has become chairman of Boomf and is leading a round of investment. This funding will allow us to do many of the things we’ve been dreaming of, with added pizazz.

We are planning Boomf on Demand version 2, building on the fun we’ve had with version 1 at Selfridges. We’ll keep experimenting with new products like the monster Boomf that we’ve been trialling. We’ll keep improving the website, making it the slickest, fastest, most elegant marshmallow personalisation website in the universe. We have recently added Facebook and desktop photo upload. Coming next is ready mades stamps which will allow customers to add messages to the photos on their marshmallows. 

Nick Jenkins said:  

Boomf is a very personal and rather tasty way to say happy birthday, thank you or congratulations. A card you can eat. What is not to like about that!

James Middleton, Boomf’s co-founder, said:

We are delighted to have an entrepreneur with Nick’s track record becoming Boomf’s chairman. There are few people with better experience of personalised ecommerce in the UK. It is wonderful that he sees the potential of Boomf and feels able to help steer our growth.

Other investors include Duncan Jennings, founder of VoucherCodes, and Matt Wheeler, founder of Driftrock

Duncan said:

Around half the people on earth have a camera phone and this year alone they will share over 1 trillion photos on social media. I’m excited about Boomf because it gives people fresh, fun ways to share and experience these personal moments in the real world. The founders have complimentary skills allowing them marry great brand, product and culture with rock solid operational execution.

Matt said: 

From a marketing perspective, what’s exciting is that Boomf shares similar characteristics to other personalised products that have got traction using Driftrock’s Facebook ad management platform.

We are delighted these industry leaders are joining the Boomf family and we can’t wait to further push the boundaries of gastro-magic.