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Man proposes using Monster Boomf!


In August, we ran a competition to win our A3 Monster Boomf, the winner was the person who had the best use for it. We knew we had our winner when Nathaniel wanted to use the Monster Boomf to propose to his girlfriend, Louise. Boomf’s founder, James Middleton, says  “Boomf is all about communicating feelings. ‘I want to marry you’ is perhaps the most important feeling in the world.”

Nathaniel took Louise to New York and took her on a heli tour of Manhattan before finding their way to Times Square where he proposed using the giant marshmallow. He said “she loved it, but it took her a moment to realise it was a Monster Boomf - she thought it was a cake at first”.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing, Nathaniel said “One of my teammates nearly blew the surprise whilst drunk at the World Championships after-party”. Getting it to New York was also a challenge, he said “I stashed it in the lining of my suitcase and was worried that US customs would pull me aside and blow my secret”.


You’re probably wondering when the wedding is. Nathaniel said “We are hoping to marry next September, but we only have a small window of opportunity before I have to get back to training for the Rio Olympic selection.“

James Middleton says "At Boomf HQ, we hope this will be the first of many proposals on giant marshmallows. We are delighted that we helped communicate this message of love. We hope we’ll be able to supply the wedding with hundreds of marshmallows with pictures of Nathaniel and Louise.”

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