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Dawn of the Mallowpops: Rise of the gifts

Listen here what we’re about to drop,
we’ll let you know now it’s called a Mallowpop.
Head back in time to the Selfridges store,
they were the ones everyone did adore.
It’s a guarantee we make,
they’re lovely, squishy and yours to take.
At £20 for nine they’re a wonderful gift,
with delivery that is nice and swift.
As always there’s free delivery worldwide,
rhyming is hard but at least we tried.

If you didn’t get the gist, WE’VE LAUNCHED MALLOWPOPS! They’re fun, they’re delicious and they’re on sticks.

This Valentine’s, we’ve got an absolutely genius idea for you to impress your SO. Create your Mallowpops as coupons to trade in for treats by using our ‘Write’ feature. We’ve marshmallowficated a couple up above - get some inspiration from them.