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TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

Boomf spins out


Last month, Boomf moved from being a joint venture between Nice Cakes and Mint Digital to being an independent company. Andy Bell, previously at Mint, becomes Boomf’s CEO. James Middleton becomes Production Director, in charge of further innovation, as well as manufacturing and logistics.

Also joining Boomf are Chara Oikonomidou and Iggy Hilton from Mint and Lara Woodhead and Inga Kaplon from Nice.

A few people have asked: what made us want to dedicate ourselves to marshmallows?

Firstly, it is because of moments like this:


We love the way Boomf helps people express heartfelt emotions. A gift is really a piece of communication. Seen in this light, it doesn’t make sense that most gifts are mass-produced. A personalised gift can simply communicate better.

Secondly, when the Mint team met the Nice team, we hit it off immediately. We’d both been working on personalisation for several years, Nice coming at it from food, Mint from technology. The sort of products we had been dreaming of could be realised only through the fusion of our respective fields.

Thirdly, it’s funny! When Boomf was featured on NPR’s news quiz “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”, a contestant thought that Igor Putin’s brother creating a pill to stop old people smelling was more likely to be a real news story than selfies on marshmallows. It’s a rare opportunity to work on something as implausible as Boomf.

Finally, ‘software eats everything’ as Marc Andreessen says. Looking round, I don’t see anyone who’s taken a good nibble out of gifts. We are going to give it a damned good try!

p.s. We are hiring! If you know a brilliant, marshmallow-enthused Ruby developer, please point them in this direction.